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Founder & Owner 

Welcome to my journey

Where i started 

Kia ora, my names Monique and I am the founder, owner & creator of 2121. 

I was born here in Auckland, Nz but my bloodline travels from as far as the Rangitaiki river in the bay of plenty all the way towards the Hokianga on the west coast.


My love for crystals have remained a huge part of me ever since I was little, my beautiful nan always had multiple crystals placed all in & around her home, growing up I would often find myself heavily attracted to what these unique different coloured objects were. she had enough crystals to fill a whole crystal shop. My family is very spiritual also so I grew up around crystals and spiritual guidance. My nan would always educate us kids on crystals, natural healing and who our guardian angels were- my ancestors. She would often remind us that if we ever felt scared to always close our eyes and vision a white ring around us, the ring of protection. At the age of 15 I had dropped out of school which lead me down a very toxic road and lifestyle I would find myself living day to day surrounded by the wrong crowds following their footsteps and loosing who I was as a person, constantly looking for protection and guidance again. A little further down this track I was introduced to my protector, my twin flame a man who guided me onto all the right paths- something I had been searching for. Heading into 2016 I had graduated with 3 certificates and a diploma in Beauty therapy, hairdressing & makeup artistry. I then decided to extend searching in my hobbies which lead me to studying interior design which involved home staging, then comes my love for candles and having aesthetically pleasing candles in your home as interior designs. Taking me back to my roots and my deep spiritual connection to crystals here we are with 2121 my love for crystals & candles in one. Bringing you crystal infused candles made right here in NZ filled with Aroha, Manawa & nga whakaaro pai. (love, pure heart & good intentions)


Our logo


Our logo, our statement.. US 🤍 

Our logo defines who we are, Our logo is close to my heart and a very sacred piece of us.

The name 2121 intermingles me and my soulmate, my twin flame. Who I share the same birthday with being the 21st. His life path number is 1 mine is number 2 so we opened 2121 together in 2021. 

Our logos main statement is our mediation chakra centrepiece- working with crystals we work with all 7 chakras while working with your mind, body & spirit. The more you understand your crystals the more effective they become.

Our inner circle ring has a mixture of mandala & nazar 🧿 alongside the white ring of protection, so we are always protected.

The outside ring is a mixture of the 1st chakra (crown) & the 2nd chakra (third eye) blended together to create our logos barrier. our logo was specifically designed and put together like no other. 

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